Are You Experiencing Well Pump Issues?

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How to Know It’s Time to Call a Well Pump Repair Team

Most of the time our clients say: “I had no idea this pump was going bad. We just ran out of water.” While it would be easiest to say that’s how it goes, we – at Carolina Well & Pump – believe our clients just don’t have all the pertinent information they need. So, we’ve combined a list of small issues that could help diagnose pump issues before they’re too far gone to repair.

Here are some key items to watch out for, giving you time to schedule an evaluation by a well pump professional:

  1. Fluctuations in water pressure throughout the home
    • Variations or “air pockets” in your water lines
  2. Your well pump is running continuously
  3. Your water is murky and/or includes sediment
  4. A noisy or clicking pressure tank
  5. Higher-than-normal electric bills

Are you experiencing one or more of these well pump problems? Call Carolina Well and Pump, today, via (828) 206-0714.


Do you turn on your faucet and blast a mixture of air and water? Or do you have excellent pressure in the front of the home, only to have barely-there water pressure at the back end? This could be an indicator that you are experiencing (or are about to experience) well pump problems. In a worst-case scenario, there could be a water table issue in your water well. However, this straightforward clue could be caused by something as elementary as a faulty pressure switch.

If you have low water pressure, this could be an issue with a bad ball valve, or a faulty pressure tank. In the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina, it’s common for iron to build up around the pipe nipple, causing the pressure switch to report faulty pressure. These issues can be easily fixed before you reach pump failure.


Do you hear your well pump turn off, only to hear it immediately turn back on? This needs immediate attention. Something as simple as a clogged switch could be telling your well pump that it hasn’t reached optimal pressure. As a result, the pump could continue running until it causes serious damage to itself, like burning out entirely.

At Carolina Well & Pump, we view a continuously running pump as an urgent service need, to avoid creating further well pump complications. We’re here to save your existing pump, saving you from costly replacements unless it is absolutely necessary.


If you see that your water has ceased looking pure and clean, there is probably a larger issue within your well water pump. If your well begins to pump sand or dirt, this can lead to abrasive wear of the well pump and/or premature replacement of fixtures, appliances, and your water filtration system.

If you see silt coming through, your submersible pump could be sitting too low in the well, or there could be an issue with your well screen inside the casing of the well. In any case, the sudden appearance of unclean water is not a positive symptom and should be inspected by a well pump professional.


Pressure tanks house air bladders, like the inner tube of your tire. If there is a bladder leak you may notice an annoying, constant, and/or rapid clicking noise coming from the pressure switch near the pressure tank.

If air is escaping the bladder, it may cause your well pump to start and stop more often than usual and can strain your well pump motor. Issues like this will drastically reduce your well pump’s life expectancy.


All of these beforementioned issues lead to an electric well water pump running more frequently than expected. So, if your well pump is struggling to keep up, you can expect your electric bill to continue rising over time. Before you let all those dollar bills float out the window, call a well water professional for a thorough inspection.

If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms, it’s time to contact a professional. At Carolina Well & Pump, we service the greater Asheville -Area, including rural areas such as Marshall and Mars Hill, NC, for all your well pump repair and replacement needs. Contact us, today.

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