Choosing the Best Well Pump Repairman in WNC

Why it matters to choose a Well Pump Contractor that you can trust. Including the importance of certifications, warranty coverage and ethics.

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Why It Matters Who Services Your Well Pump

Congratulations! We’ve made it through a global pandemic. Now, all we need to survive  here in 2022, is skyrocketed gas prices and inflation that refuses to fall.  Everyone seems to have taken a hit in some way. Parts have more than doubled in many cases, shipping is through the roof, and labor is at an all-time high. We are heartbroken at the number of clients who have spent more than they ever bargained for, needing a second opinion after hiring someone not licensed to handle their well pump repair.  With money tight and stakes higher than ever, it’s not ideal to incur expenses that could have been avoided through the use of a certified expert.

Comparing a licensed well contractor to a cheaper, yet unlicensed repairman, is like comparing apples to oranges. They don’t exist in the same category. Those who are licensed went through education, on-the-job experience, and examinations to be certified. In addition they meet continued education hour requirements each year to further enhance well knowledge and safety precautions. If your well pump repairman is not certified with the state, there’s virtually no one in place to hold them accountable should their work not be up to code. 

Well Pump Repair and Warranty Coverage

An additional unforeseen expense may be that well pump and part distributors may not validate your warranty. If the products weren’t purchased and/or installed by a licensed well contractor, and the part is faulty, you may be ‘up a creek,’ with a voided warranty. The ability to provide warranty on our well pump repair services is one of the many reasons Carolina Well & Pump is able to provide quality and guaranteed service, every day. We won’t settle for less, so neither should you. 

We show up to make the situation better for you, to make the best of a bad situation altogether.

Experience Makes for Expertise Well Pump Replacements

Professional athletes practice constantly. They practice when they’re not playing, and they stick to a regime and specialized diet, even when off the field. They invest their time (something you can never get back) into their passion. That is what any professional does, not just athletes. A true professional got their status from self-discipline, continuous efforts, and the desire to always improve. Would you prefer an unlicensed specialist to care for you medically? Or, would you prefer an acclaimed, Best-in-the-Field medical doctor?  You’d prefer expertise when it comes to your body, right? 

You may not think of it this way, but your well is virtually the body holding the source of sustenance for your home. You surely don’t want to settle for any less when it comes to someone performing your well pump repair or replacement! The training and hours invested to learn this trade help set the high standard of service Carolina Well & Pump continues to provide to Western North Carolina. 

North Carolina Well Contractors Certification

Derrick Ledford, owner of Carolina Well and Pump, has worked in the well industry all of his adult life. His experience isn’t only based on the installation of wells, but also specialized in well pump and repair services.  It helps to be certified as a licensed well water contractor in the state of North Carolina, and you can check out the NCWCC (North Carolina Well Contractors Commission) site here for confirmation of our dedication to doing what it takes to maintain our reputable and ethical standards.

“The purpose of the North Carolina Well Contractors Certification Commission is to protect the public’s health and safety by ensuring the integrity and competence of well contractors through examination, certification, continuing education and enforcement. The Well Contractors Certification Unit is part of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.” 


Never Compromise When it Comes to Ethics 

There are times in life when we are able to compromise.  When it comes to a well pump repair that takes training and competence to understand fully, never compromise your health and risk someone unlicensed to handle the job.  An inexperienced individual hired to fix a problem may seem to offer a cost savings; but it could cost you in the long run, without the proper knowledge needed to do the job right. 

Carolina Well & Pump is not out to see how many clients we can zoom through in a day, but instead we spend time with each client, providing the same high-level of service each time. Our clients receive our full attention and care. We’re masters in the well-trade, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever talk over-your-head on the matter. We’ll always take time to explain exactly what’s happening, what the issue is, and precisely how we’ll correct the problem.

Carolina Well & Pump continues to honor the “a man keeps his word” mentality, and we can honestly shake hands on it. Our daily work performance is evidence enough. While we maintain that code of honor from our elders, the old school “do it yourself” (DIY) mentality just has not been practical in today’s time. The service industry evolves constantly, and just like a newer vehicle with computerized parts that require a professional, your well pump is an electrical system that truly requires an expert’s insight to ensure proper installation and efficiency. 

Check out our 110+ 5 STAR reviews….. We don’t make this stuff up!

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"Great to do business with, highly recommend them for all your well pump needs." Carolina Well & Pump truck servicing a submersible well pump.
“Great to do business with, highly recommend them for all your well pump needs.” Testimonial by Clint J.

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