Have a Well Inspection, Not a Homebuyer’s Nightmare

A Video Recorded Well Inspection by Carolina Well and Pump in Marshall, North Carolina
It’s important to do a thorough well inspection before purchasing a new property. Read on to learn more about the significance of well inspections!

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It’s important to do a thorough well inspection before purchasing a new property. Read on to learn more about the significance of well inspections!

Well inspections are an essential part of buying a home. They ensure that the water source for your house is safe and reliable, and that the well is properly functional.

First time homebuyers

Have a Well Inspection, Not a Homebuyer’s Nightmare

Well Pump 101: What You Need to Know as a Homebuyer

It never hurts to request any well maintenance history from the seller, but it is imperative to have a professional perform a well inspection so that you know where your money goes. Has the well ever been inspected before? Has the water been tested to check its quality? Many sellers have not had regular maintenance done; but you should know regular well pump maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Should you purchase a home with a well, have the water tested annually to ensure it is not contaminated with bacteria, coliform, nitrates, dissolved solids, and to make sure pH levels are within normal range.

Find Out How Deep Your Well Is

If the well is too shallow, you won’t be able to use it as a source of water. In addition, the pump might not work properly. If the well is too deep, you might need to dig up the entire area where the well is located. Different strokes for different folks, but when it comes to wells the underwater availability varies depending on the whereabouts and depth. If an aquifer is permeable enough and has enough water, you won’t have to dig as deep. If the aquifers in your area do not house enough water, the depth of the well increases. It is important to confirm the well on the property is the proper depth to hold the right amount of water to serve your household. 

Look At The Well Pump

What is up with the well pump? Is it a smooth operator, or is it making obnoxious noises and shutting on and off continuously? Does it sound like any minute could be its last? You should also check the condition of the well casing. If the casing has been damaged by corrosion, it will need to be replaced. The well pump works to get the water to your faucet, so it is imperative it does its job. Here at Carolina Well & Pump, we are well pump gurus and know exactly what to look for and how to confirm that a well pump is at optimal operation. We want to help you in the decision making process, so that you have no doubts at all that the place you will hang your hat or lay your head every night is “THE ONE”. 

Inspect The Water Pressure

Water pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). This number indicates how much force is pushing the water through the pipes. Low pressure means there isn’t enough force to push the water through the pipes, so it backs up into the house. High pressure means too much force is being applied to the pipe, causing damage. It’s our job to be sure the water pressure is for you, and not against you. The last thing you need is to buy a house and then turn around and have to replace a bunch of water pipes. 

Test The Water Quality

Let’s say you buy a home with a well. You should test the water quality at least once a year, as we suggested previously. If you notice any discoloration, smell, or taste issues, contact Carolina Well & Pump quickly. We will run appropriate tests, tell you what kind of problem you have, and diagnose whether it needs immediate attention.

We will also verify the water is of proper quality when we perform a well inspection. To buy a home is perhaps the greatest monetary investment in our lives, so the water you drink in it should absolutely be safe and sanitary for everyone under the roof. If it’s not, we can help you take appropriate steps to mitigate the issue.

We’re The Well Pump Gurus

Here at Carolina Well & Pump, we’re here to protect you, the homebuyer, as you purchase your safe haven. That is why we don’t just offer an ‘every day’ well inspection.

At Carolina Well & Pump, We Offer Comprehensive Camera Well Inspections.

An analyzed video inspection can aid in early detection of issues like well casing deterioration. Recorded well inspections can help you see any issues with your own two eyes, helping you in negotiating the purchase of your home. In addition, knowing any issues within your well water can help you plan proactive prevention methods, eliminate potential contamination from surface water, discoloration of water, and more.  

If you are ready to discuss your inspection options with an expert, look no further! Call Carolina Well & Pump today, and we will get your well inspection on the schedule.

Carolina Well & Pump Owner, Derrick Ledford, implementing a recorded well inspection for a potential homebuyer.

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