Is a Solar Water Pump a Practical Solution for Your Property?

Solar Powered Well Pump Diagram

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Do you dream of living off-grid?

Or are you ready to implement a more sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle? At Carolina Well and Pump, we can help you determine if a solar powered well pump may work for you, to fulfil your residential or agricultural needs.

A Reliable Energy Source in Remote Areas

If you live in a more remote area, a solar-powered pump could be an incredible solution to a more reliable energy source. A solar pump’s largest benefit is that it doesn’t need an outside power source, and it includes a dependable battery backup.

Minimal Ongoing Operating Costs

Because the sun is a free resource, a solar powered pump has a minimal operating cost compared to electricity. In fact, solar water pumps have also proven to be easier to maintain than traditional systems. One of the few maintenance requirements is cleaning the solar panels a minimum of once per year.

Solar Pumps Have Become More Efficient and Powerful

Over the years, solar well pumps have become more efficient and powerful. Solar pumps are now manufactured with stainless steel housing and mechanisms (vs older aluminum models) to prevent corrosion over time. The use of stainless steel also ensures improved sanitation and a longer life.

Do You Think a Solar Powered Pump May Be Best For You?

A weather-dependent well pump may not be right for everyone. Do you live under the shadow of a mountain ridge? Then let’s discuss your traditional well pump options.

However, if your Western North Carolina home faces the sunlight, and you have a desire to utilize renewable energy when possible, Carolina Well and Pump is here to help. We are a full-service well water team – ready to launch your off-grid-living dreams.

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