A row of glasses filling with fresh well water

Carolina Well & Pump is an expert in water filtration systems.

Clean water is a must. You cook, clean, drink, and shower in it. So, water hosting bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants should be a no-go. That’s why Carolina Well & Pump is here. We are experts in whole-house water filtration systems.

Carolina Well & Pump knows water.
Good, clean water.

Nelsen Water Filtration System installed by Carolina Well & Pump

As humans, we need water for everything, so you want to make sure that water is contaminate-free. That’s where Carolina Well & Pump comes in. We understand these filter systems inside and out, to give you a customized system based on your unique water-needs. 


Sophisticated Water Filtration Systems:

While others install the most basic and simple filtration, we utilize high-end technology, with products such as Nelsen Water Filtration Systems. This provides you with unlimited options in customized water filtration to eliminate issues such as: iron, tastes and odors, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), manganese, acidic water conditions, and other culprits contributing to your water quality issues.

Ready for a Whole-House Water Filtration System?

We’ll take care of you. From simple water filtration, to whole-home reverse osmosis. We’ve got you covered.