Water sampling in well inspection and testing

Well Maintenance Services

Well Chlorination offered through Carolina Well & Pump's well maintenance services

Concerned about the safety of your well water? Disinfecting with shock chlorination may be the best option for your mountain well.

Well Chlorination in the mountains seems “simple enough.” There are certainly enough YouTube videos and WikiHow articles regarding the process. But, the process is much more in-depth than simply dropping chemicals directly into your drinking water. 

A professional in shock chlorination will ensure bacteria and contaminates are removed in a safe, controlled, and effective manner. At Carolina Well & Pump, we know exactly what we’re doing in shock treatments, to get your water back to premier-status with ease. 

Well Maintenance Testing: Well Drawdown Tests

(Also known as: Well Flow Tests or Well Yield Testing)

Cleaning newly constructed water bore or well

Is your well performing at it’s best? At Carolina Well & Pump, we utilize drawdown testing to measure your well’s productivity. Well Drawdown measures the drop in the level of water when a well is actively pumping. Why is this important? 

If your well water is quickly depleted during pumping, early detection of this issue can help you explore alternative measures and prevent future pump failure.

For example, perhaps your well pump requires a minor adjustment, or perhaps conservation measures should be immediately implemented. No matter the outcome, Carolina Well & Pump is here to provide you with the answers you need. 

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