Ground water hole drilling machine installed on the old truck in Thailand. Ground water well drilling.

Don't worry. Your well drilling guru has arrived.

We are here to help you navigate well drilling in Western North Carolina.

Is your new home site ready for well installation? Carolina Well & Pump is your solution for an unbiased consultant in all your well drilling needs. Through our years of experience and exclusive contacts in the drilling industry, we are here to guide you with permitting, site prep, and negotiating the contract with the drilling company. Thereafter, we fully install your new, guaranteed, well-water pump. 

Do you know what to expect in Well Drilling?

A modern well and water system

Do you know if you need to request your well drilling permit from the NC Health Department, or from the Environmental Management Commission?

At Carolina Well & Pump, we do.

Do you know which drilling method will be most effective based on your property and rock formations? At Carolina Well, we get it. Because we understand the differences between Air Rotary Drilling, Bucket Auger Drilling, Cable Tool Drilling, Down-the-Hole Drilling, and Reverse Circulation Drilling Methods, and know which well-drilling contractor we should partner with for your unique well. 

After your well is dug, we’ll allow proper sediment settling, and install your new well-water pump, based on your estimated household needs and measured Gallon Per Minute (GPM) of waterflow. 

Are you ready for a well drilling consultation?

We’ll take care of you. From permit processes, to your final well sanitation, we’ve got you covered.