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Purchasing or Selling a Rural Property? You Need a Well Inspection.

Carolina Well & Pump is Your Resource for Trusted and Expedited Well Inspections.

Did you know the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends ANNUAL well servicing and inspection? Most commonly, well water is tested when purchasing or selling property, to ensure contaminate-free drinking water in the home.

At Carolina Well & Pump, we know the sale or purchase of your home is under a closing period and requires a thorough, yet accelerated, process. We’re here to get your well inspection done correctly and efficiently.

Do You Need a Well Inspection?

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Annual Well Inspections are Recommended.

According to the NCDHHS, annual inspection should be completed for fecal matter (total and fecal coliform bacteria) and other contaminates. Do you or any of your neighbors spray a spring or summertime pesticide? Those pesticides can seep into your groundwater, which means you may need an annual well inspection to ensure pesticide safety.. Other recommendations indicate bi-annual testing for heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, lead and copper. Likewise, testing every five years for pesticides and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Additional Well Inspection Services by Carolina Well & Pump

At Carolina Well & Pump, you have more options than just a paper copy of your well inspection report. We also offer thorough video inspections with our Water Well Inspection Camera. When we complete our review, you’ll receive the following:

  • a 1080p video of the interior of the well, including commentary from the inspector on what the camera is viewing
  • a thorough inspection of the well’s casing (extremely beneficial for older wells and/or steel casings for deterioration inspection)
  • visibility of up to 500 feet of the well, or the top of the well pump (whichever came first)
  • a clear view of any well obstructions

What does a more thorough well inspection mean for you?

An analyzed video inspection can help with early detection of casing deterioration. This can allow proactive prevention methods, alleviating potential contamination from surface water, discoloration of water, and/or of possible well collapse.  Are you ready to discuss your inspection options with an expert?

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