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Carolina Well & Pump offers first-class service in Well Pump Repair.

And, always at a competitive price.

No water? Give us a call. We are masters in well pump repair. There’s no job too big or too small, we are ready and willing to handle them all. We utilize the best well pumps in the industry, delivered with first-class skill and customer-care. We value our client relationships and guarantee our competitive pricing for the Western North Carolina area.

Your Trustworthy, Certified Well Contractor for Pump Service and Well Pump Repair.

A modern well and water system

Carolina Well & Pump is here for all your well water servicing needs. But, pump service and repair is our bread and butter. With more than a decade of experience dedicated to pump repair, we’ve seen it all. We know the ins and outs of your water system, and can provide thorough and honest feedback on what is worth repairing, what may need replaced in the near-future, or what simply isn’t salvageable. 

We get it. Times are tough. And when your water pump is on the fritz, it’s never at a convenient or budgeted time. That’s why we promise our customers unbiased and educated advice. We’ll help you understand the details and issues causing the problem(s). And, we’ll help walk you through the decision-making process. 

How To Know It's Time To Call a Well Pump Repair Team

Do you believe your well water pump has stopped working efficiency? We’ve put together some key elements to watch out for, to prevent being blindsided by an unexpected repair:

  1. Fluctuations in Water Pressure Throughout the Home
    • Including Variations or “Air Pockets” in Your Water Lines
  2. A Continuously Running Well Pump
  3. Your Water is Murky and/or Includes Sediment
  4. A Noisy or “Clicking” Pressure Tank
  5. Higher-Than-Normal Electric Bills


Don't wait. Let us take care of it.

We'll take care of you. From pump replacement, to minor switch replacement. We've got you covered in all well pump repair needs.