Why Does My Home Need a Water Filtration System?

Nelsen Water Filtration System installed by Carolina Well & Pump

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There are many benefits to having a whole home water filtration system. Regardless of your water coming from the city, or your private well, you want to ensure your water is safe. Because there are so many opportunities for your water to become contaminated before reaching your home, installing a last-stop purifying system is exactly what your home needs. Not only does it ensure safety, it also helps your expensive home appliances last longer.

Here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, our water is filled with minerals. Did you know these minerals can clog plumbing, make your dishwasher and clothes washer minimally efficient, and damage the ice maker in your fridge?

Let’s identify all the reasons a whole-home water filtration system is exactly what you need.

Trust your drinking water is safe.

There is nothing like the peace of mind in knowing your drinking water is pure. Tasting the difference is one thing, but knowing your water is metal and chemical-free provides a new level of satisfaction. If you live in Asheville, you know we have an excellent municipal water system. However, how many times in the past year have you received an alert of a busted water line, and/or a boil-water advisory? More than you can count, right? And while the city will alert you when water is safe again, dependent on where you are on the water line can leave you vulnerable to contaminants. A water filtration system would certainly benefit you.

Reduce your risk for plumbing issues!

Have you ever had a water line break? An unnoticed leak behind a fridge? Water can cause serious damage in a flash. Minerals, metals, and chemicals in your home’s water can cause corrosion, damaging your pipes and any water-using appliance. Before you know it, you could be replacing tile, subfloor, and more. Not to mention all those costly, water-dependent household appliances. From your coffee maker to your hot water heater, keep your pipes contaminate-free.

Save money AND the environment!

Water bottles are expensive. When you don’t trust the water coming directly from your faucet, you have a tendency to spend (more than you think) on bottled water. If you drank 2-3 bottles per day, you could easily spend more than $500 on bottled water each year. Unfortunately, that cost is nothing when it comes to the expense to our environment when we use numerous plastic bottles each day. In the US alone, an estimated 70 million plastic bottles are used each day (container-recycling.org), and only an estimated 23% are recycled.

Filtering water helps conserve water, and reduce plastic waste.

Blue and Green Tomorrow

Use less soap while having cleaner clothes.

Did you know water with a high concentration of minerals will diminish the effectiveness of your detergents? If you’re using “more than recommended” amount of soap to get your clothes clean, it could be due to the contaminates in your water system. A whole-home water filtration system can alleviate the additional expense you are using on detergents, and leave you with cleaner clothes and dishes.

Alleviate and prevent skin irritation.

In addition, a water filtration system can alleviate and prevent skin irritation. From the water used in your clothes, to the water used during your shower, water contamination can sometimes lead to skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Lastly, reduce mineral deposits in your sinks and tubs.

Do you feel as though you’re spending your days scrubbing limescale buildup? Stopping mineral deposits at their source would be a better solution, and will also give you better tasting water. If you can see the buildup in your sink or tea kettle, imagine what those deposits are doing to your pipes, appliances, and body.

Are you ready to make a change? Carolina Well and Pump is here to help. Call today and schedule an in-home consultation.

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