Why Use a Camera for Your WNC Well Inspection?

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Have you ever wanted more than to just trust the word of an inspector? Whether a home inspection, pool inspection, or a water-well inspection, written reports sometimes just don’t foot the bill. That’s why Carolina Well & Pump is offering options for a BETTER well inspection. Instead of ‘eyeballing’ potential issues based on the exterior of the well and what can be visualized from the surface—like many well service companies—we’ve launched camera-inspection options to provide transparency to our clients during the inspection process.

How a Water Well Inspection Camera Provides a More Thorough Inspection

First, we believe it’s most important to understand why a thorough well inspection matters. There are many reasons, but here are the ones that will matter most to you as a homeowner (or as a potential homeowner):

  1. Alleviate the unknowns when purchasing or before purchasing a new home
  2. Provide negotiating-power to yourself as a purchaser
  3. Prevent unnecessary questions and provide peace-of-mind if you are the seller
  4. Proactively prevent small well issues from becoming big problems

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a high-quality recording of your well inspection to use as a reference? While photos are excellent, there’s just something to be said about the art of videography and watching something with your own eyes, using accurate and up-close demonstration. With Carolina Well’s specialized, waterproof camera, our inspector will view areas that can’t be seen by the human eye. Take a look at the photo above. How accurate do you believe a well inspection can be when the visual portal to your water well may only have an 8″ diameter or so?

How Does a Video Well Inspection Work?

With the camera attached to a cable, we will scope the well. As the inspector lowers the cable into the well, the camera will illuminate the well shaft, providing our team with a real-time view of the well casing, and all the unknowns below the surface, up to 500 feet. The benefits of this service are:

  • A better view and understanding of your well; and a determination of the integrity of your well casing
  • Clear visibility of any potential well obstructions
  • The ability to view your ground water intervals
  • The possibility of observing possible contamination within the well
  • Exposure of the submersible well pump and its perceived condition
  • A 1080p recording of your inspection, including commentary from a professional

Isn’t it time to know what’s going on within your well? Even if you aren’t purchasing a new home, the NCDHHS recommends annual well inspections, checking for environmental contaminates like fecal matter, heavy metals, pesticide, nitrates, lead, copper, and more.

Are you ready to connect with a Carolina Well & Pump expert? Call today to schedule your water well inspection.

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